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‘All work and no play makes us dull boys’. Four Eyed Faces is a lockdown band project by the Dutch musicians Stef Woestenenk, Mike Visser and Paul Diersen. The first three songs appeared on ‘One…’ release December 2020. ‘Two…’, ‘Three…’ en ‘Four…’ will see the light of the day in the first months of 2021.

In March 2020 all gigs are cancelled for an uncertain period of time. Paul Diersen picks up the guitar and starts to write new songs, guitar riffs and small ideas for new music.

The music must go on. Around summer it’s clear that these new songs are influenced by The Byrds, TheBeatles, Supergrass, White Denim and even JJ Cale. Paul get’s in touch with Mike Visser and Stef Woestenenk: ‘New songs with a lot of vocals, are you guys up for it?’ Well…they are! The plan is easy. A few microphones, a laptop and let’s see what happens!

Without being together with the three of them, they record the first songs in living rooms, attics, barns and garages. The energy works good and a lot of new songs come out of that.

In December 2020 the first songs were ready to share with the world.

Let’s see what happens next!


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